Объявления в Греции от Avico, AS

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Big Bics Cigarette Lighters/ Mini Big Lighters/ Maxi Big Lig
0.09 €/шт CIF
Avico, AS, DK
50 pcs per Tray 1000 pcs per carton 12 trays per carton 63 cartons Per Pallet 33 pallets per 40ft Container 11 Pallets per 20ft...
Sprite/ Coca cola/ Dr pepper soft drinks wholesale
5 €/tray CIF
Avico, AS, DK
Product: Coca Cola 330ml Cans Origin: Poland Packaging Information 24 x 330ml can 24 cans per tray. 130 cases per palett 26 palettes per 20feet"...
Red Bull 250ml Energy Drink (Austria)
15 €/Tray CIF
Avico, AS, DK
We are a reliable supplier of energy drinks. As an official supplier with the exclusive rights to distribute, our drinks are 100% guaranteed as...
Hot Sale! Nutella 52g 350g 400g 600g 750g 800g / nutella fer
3 €/шт CIF
Avico, AS, DK
Ferrero Nutella 15x400gr. 1 pallet = 99 cases. 1 container = 23 pallets 2277 cartons. Fresh Production Ferrero Nutella 6x750gr. 1 pallet = 128...
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