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lamb в Афинах

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Jamon, Lamb (Halal)
5 €/packig  
опт 4 - 7 €/packig
Product: Cold Cuts Jamon and Lamb (Halal) Origin: Spain Product Standard Specification: ISO, FSSC, HACCP, HALAL
27 фев 2018
Export of meat
Export of meat
Export of meat
+6 фото
Export of meat
3 700 $/т
SLK Kronos carries out import and export of meat and poultry in Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAI, Iran and CIS countries. 1. Frozen beef, varietal, 1st and 2nd) 2. Lambs 3. Poultry 4. Chicken legs and beef paste. The company was founded in 2015. Thanks to the experience, knowledge and professionalism of
24 июн
Stick Pack Sugar Machine
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NURPACK Machine with interrupting movement is indicated to form, fill and seal high quality three side seal (back seal) stick pack. It is a multi-lane stick pack machine, capable of producing sticks from 45mm to 140mm with three models STG5, STG6, and STG10. The machine is equipped with color HMI,
6 июн
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