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potato chips в Афинах

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Оборудование для переработки шин в крошки
38 000 €/шт
Equipment for processing tires into crumbs XKP - 560 (Capacity - 1000kg / h) Grinding group - Tire Sidewall Cutter - A sidewall cutter is needed to cut bead ring with metal wire from the tire for further processing.) - Waste Tire Strip Cutting Machine (Tape cutting machine, providing cutting
27 июн
Potato Chips Production Machine 720 pcs/h
10 300 $/шт FOB
Potato Chips Production Machine 720 pcs/h   On such equipment, it is possible to produce products of three types, depending on the equipment setting: tartlets, biscuits, and crispbreads. It is very tasty for customers to add glazing to such products with chocolate, yogurt, jelly or sweet. This
27 сен 2019
Corn and Wheat Flour Chips
1.35 $/кг FCA
Price (FCA): $ 1.35 / kg. Weight per box: 2.5kg. Expiration date: 6 month. Packing: cordon box with liner 41.5cm (L) * 27cm (W) * 26.5cm (H). Product composition: corn flour, wheat flour, salt, refined vegetable oil (palm oil), natural pepper flavor, aromatic odors. The product is certified. The
19 июл 2021
120 €/т CIF
Soft and Chewy Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies dough is my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough base, producing cookies that are so soft, moist, and tender in the interior with perfectly chewy edges. The dough can be made in advance, refrigerated, and baked off as desired, up to 5 days later. A
+1 объявление
23 сен 2021
Cheese fıllıng machıne
Цена по запросу
Cheese fıllıng machıne not only cheese, but potatoes, and meat, thıs machıne can fıll many products. ıt’s up to your ımagınagıon. Thıs machıne ıs 100% staınless steal Anko&Mertem food ındustry technologıes ☏Contact: Csm. E-mail: If you want to be ınformed of the latest technologıes, you...
21 окт 2019
Nachos and salty snacks
Nachos and salty snacks
Nachos and salty snacks
Nachos and salty snacks
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The Grist company is a producer of gluten free corn chips and various kinds of salty snacks. Currently our offer includes Nachos in 2 shapes and each of them in 4 flavors: 1) Nachos in a triangular shape: • salted • cheese • barbecue • chili 2) Nachos in the shape of
28 авг 2018
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